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About Snowden

Country: United States

Year: 2016

Category: Biography, Drama, Thriller

Release Date: September 16, 2016

Director: Oliver Stone

Starring: Scott Eastwood, Shailene Woodley, Nicolas Cage

Age Restriction: 13 years

Duration: 134 minutes

Budget: $50,000,000

Box Office: $?

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3 Great Reasons To Watch Snowden

“Snowden”, Oliver Stone, 70 years on September 15, has not lost anything of the verve polemicist who always characterised it when it became necessary like young author beforehand like scriptwriter of Scarface (1982) then like director of Platoon (1986). Only some weeks ago to the Comic-Con of San Diego it has been that you thunder and strike with lightning against Hollywood, the heads of the studios, the imbecility of the industry, even against the Pokemon. The motive: his new film Snowden has been refused by all, to be then "saved" by a little independent distributrice, Open Road Films, which will carry it in the American halls on September 16 (in Italy the Bim will distribute it the first December.

l protagonist speaks film obviously about Edward Snowden, the celebrated "whistleblower" of the most celebrated "blow" of the third millennium, technician of the NSA (National Security Agency) that in 2012 - after a daring escape abroad, to Hong Kong initially, then to finish in Russia.

it returned signs to the public super information top - secret on the program of telephone / Internet interceptions and overseeing to carpet you operate illegally in the United States, causing an earthquake in the international intelligence and in the public opinion. In the film it is interpreted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zachary Quinto is the reporter of Guardian Glenn Greenwald, the first one to be returned I notice what Snowden was having to say.”...
"Edward is crossing a very difficult and painful moment", us explains in his office of Santa Monica the director, who has met Snowden to Moscow varied film the of recoveries the first and during times. "He was only 29 years old when it undertook this huge, epochal step, it has had a huge courage, to his place I me would be cagato below at the fear. In two years that I have passed with him I have ever seen him neither staggering nor being depressed. He is undoubtedly a man of extraordinary moral integrity. This is his strength".

One of the most widely anticipated films of the year after a long delay in September come to the film festival in Toronto. Director Oliver Stone is already before recording aware that the production of a biography of Edward Snowdnu big challenge, even for him, three times Oscar winne..

#3 A great release date: September 16, 2016

When Edward Snowden, a computer analyst who also worked for the CIA, three years ago published confidential documents the US National Security Agency (NSA), has become a thorn in the side of the Government and intelligence services, as well as the most famous whistling-today. No wonder he had to flee from the USA and hide in the arms of Russia, which has been granted temporary asylum, nor the fact that it has become a worldwide hero. Snowden is with the help of newspapers The Guardian and The Washington Post revealed how far the deadline the US Agency for National Security, which is in a Pact with telecommunications companies and governments of some European countries monitored nothing false and nothing obliged, in particular, unsuspecting everyman around the world, and for it paid a high price.

Snowden Development

Snowdnova story reads like the best espionage novel which has no end, because the main character in the US on the one hand is still waiting prison on charges of espionage, on the other hand, a computer genius at an undisclosed location in Russia, where his company works his girlfriend Lindsay Mills still seeking asylum in one of the other, let us say, more comfortable countries.

Snowden Full Movie Storyline

“Snowden” Although Snowdnov thriller is not yet finished, it was already up to now the inspiration for many books and films. After his feat, which began in Hong Kong in the clash between Snowdnom and journalist Glenn Greenwald, in his Oscar-winning documentary, good citizens already in 2014 immortalized filmmaker Laura Poitras, who in their manner of his story went on to Oliver Stone. How exactly it will be clear on 10 September at the Toronto Film Festival, but it is known that Stone had significant difficulties with film.
The first deducted smaller wealth of a copyright for the book, with which he helped write the script. To book Luke Harding The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man, which describes Guardianovo report on global monitoring of the NSA on the basis Snowdnovega disclosures, he paid $ 700,000, a Russian lawyer Anatoly Kucera, who Snowdna represented in Russia and then wrote a novel about a fictional US žvižgaču Time of the Octopus, is from the Stone got the whole million. Even before he began recording, Stone was already at 1.7 million, and then by waiting for new problems. First of all, in Russia, where companies that cooperated with the US, refused to participate in the project, and then at home in America, where filming would not support any studio. Stone is at the end of the financial saved Europe, specifically France and Germany, money was came just eight days before the start of the recording.!
"It is very strange to record the story of an American who can not finance in America. They say we have freedom of speech, but the thought is funded and controlled thought is controlled but also the media. The state is, as far as this very snugly and at certain levels is not allowed any criticism. Can you film movies about leaders who are advocating for human rights and are already dead, but is not able to make a film about the living man, "the resistance encountered in the US media commented Oliver Stone, who did not let distract of the project. .

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